SHEBOYGAN FALLS, WIS. — Johnsonville, LLC's new Sausage Strips product - which looks and cooks like bacon - will be going to grocery stores nationwide throughout the summer.

The strips were launched in 2020 with Johnsonville’s Midwest customers and will now move into additional retailers like Kroger, Meijer, Albertsons-Safeway, HEB, Food Lion, many Walmart stores and dozens of other independent grocers. The strips are available in four varieties: Chorizo, Maple, Original and Spicy.

“At Johnsonville, we are obsessed with sausage, so naturally we’re always looking for new ways to enjoy it,” said Steve Bembenista, a senior brand manager on Johnsonville’s innovation team. “When we thought of slicing sausage like bacon, we thought we had a pretty darn good idea and needed to share it with the world. Ultimately, Sausage Strips were made to add something flavorful and exciting not only to breakfast, but also to sandwiches, burgers, or whatever else your mind can dream up.”

The sausage strips are made with premium cuts of pork and no MSG. The company previously said that the strips contain 40% less fat and 30% less sodium per serving than traditional bacon.

The items are merchandised alongside retail precooked bacon products and each 12-oz package contains approximately 12 strips.