WOODINVILLE, WASH. – SaltWorks has launched two finishing salts designed for snacks and spice rubs. The Pacific Blue micro flake sea salt has a delicate, powder-like texture for fried foods such as popcorn, nuts and other snacks. The Pacific Blue mini flake sea salt may be used in applications such as tortilla chips, pretzels, crackers and spice rubs.

The salts have a hollow, pyramid shape and soft texture. The flakes easily adhere to food, allowing less salt to go to waste in the manufacturing process. Their razor-thin, feather-like nature causes them to instantly dissolve the moment they hit a consumer’s tongue.

“The unique 3D structure of Pacific Blue micro and mini flake sea salt allows you to use less salt without sacrificing the natural salty bite consumers expect,” said Mark Zoske, founder and chief executive officer of Woodinville-based SaltWorks. “It’s a major game-changer for food manufacturers that they no longer have to forgo flavor to gain healthier sodium levels.”