CHAMBERSBURG, PA. — Martin’s Famous Pastry Shoppe, Inc. has promoted three third-generation family members as part of a leadership makeover.

J. Anthony (Tony) Martin has been named president. He will succeed James (Jim) Martin, who will retain the role of executive chair of the board. Jim Martin also will continue to have significant influence on the direction and strategy of the company, Martin’s Famous Pastry Shoppe said. Tony Martin most recently was executive vice president of the company for the past nine and a half years, and earlier was vice president of information systems and supply chain logistics for six years.

Meanwhile, Joseph Martin has been named executive vice president and Jacqueline Martin has been named vice president of project management and strategic initiatives. Joseph Martin most recently was vice president of production operations while Jacqueline Martin was director of strategic initiatives. Earlier, Jacqueline Martin was director of sales distribution and marketing and director of route distribution support.

“Succession planning in a family business is important for stability and continuity, which is why we’ve been working on it together as a family for quite a few years,” Tony Martin said. “We wanted to be ready so that when the time for transition came, we would be able to successfully preserve and grow our family company with the same values and the same attention to quality that started with our grandparents, was strengthened and grown through our father’s leadership, and now will be continued through my siblings and me with the help of our tremendously talented Martin’s family of coworkers. That time of transition is here, and we, as a family, are ready to carry on the Martin’s legacy, doing ‘whatever it takes, God helping us.’

“Our dad, Jim Martin, has always been a great example for us, both at home and at work. We are so grateful for his wisdom, compassion, generosity, and strong work ethic. As executive chair of the board, Dad will still be very involved with the strategic direction of our business, and we look forward to continuing to learn from him.”

Founded in 1955, Martin’s Famous Pastry Shoppe operates two baking plants in Chambersburg, Pa., and Valdosta, Ga. The company’s products include bread, potato rolls and swirls.