LAFAYETTE, LA. — Panaro Food Innovations LLC launched Immuno Sweet, a nutritive sweetener made from fruits, vegetables and spices.

The better-for-you granulated powder mix offers half the calories of sugar and a low glycemic index with no bad aftertaste, according to the company. Other benefits include probiotics for immune health and prebiotic fiber, which slows sugar absorption and promotes colon health.

Featuring a blend of natural sugars and flavors from coconut flowers, Jerusalem artichoke roots, apples, carrots, licorice roots, erythritol and the spices cinnamon and turmeric, Immuno Sweet is vegan-friendly and low in sodium. It also contains high levels of potassium to help maintain a natural electrolyte balance, along with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, said John Panaro, owner of Panaro Food Innovations.

“With today’s health-conscious consumers choosing lower sugar and better-for-you ingredients, Immuno Sweet is the logical choice,” Mr. Panaro said. “Being able to provide a natural alternative that doesn’t sacrifice taste or flavor is something we’re extremely proud of.”