COUNTRYSIDE, ILL. — Sokol Custom Food Ingredients offers a variety of savory sauce solutions.

It offers co-manufacturing services for creating a range of savory sauces that accommodate dietary preferences such as paleo, Whole30, keto, vegan, kosher, halal and more.

“The Sokol team recently developed a plant-based chipotle ranch sauce to accompany several plant-based sandwiches that have entered the market,” said Shannon Pimmel, marketing manager at Sokol. “Regional sauce flavor profiles are also really hot with consumers. Texas-style and Kansas City-style barbecue sauces, sauces that play with specific smoke flavor profiles, those that highlight specific peppers such as habanero — or fruit varieties, such as mandarin orange sesame dressing — are being sought out by today’s consumers.”

The company offers 100% plant-based ingredients, certified non-GMO, organic and sustainable ingredients as well as low-sugar and alternative sugar ingredients.

“We work with customers in development sessions and are very transparent with them in each step of our process,” said Kyle Phalen, R&D food scientist at Sokol. “Whether they would like to see our production lines running or prefer to collaborate with our R&D specialists on formulation, we are here to deliver solutions quickly. Some organizations only pull from their library of formulas, or they make you bring them a formula before they co-pack with you. Sokol can really do it all — from formula matching to using your formula, all the way to creating something entirely new based on your vision.”

Along with manufacturing, the company’s services include ingredient sourcing, packaging, warehousing, inventory control and shipping.