BERKELEY, CALIF. — ReGrained has partnered with Semolina Artisanal Pasta to develop a premium pasta product formulated with brewer’s spent grain from California breweries. Available for consumers and foodservice operators beginning in October, Strozzapreti, a scroll-like pasta, blends durum semolina with ReGrained SuperGrain+ flour. The product contains more than three times the fiber and two times the protein of traditional whole grain flours, plus prebiotics to support digestion, according to the companies.

“Flavor and texture are everything to me, and I just love the nutty, toasted flavor that SuperGrain+ adds without compromising toothiness,” said Leah Ferrazzani, founder and chief pastaia at Los Angeles-based Semolina Artisanal Pasta. “I’m excited to offer this new pasta in my product range.”

The United States generates more than 20 billion lbs of brewer’s spent grain each year, which often is wasted or used as feed. ReGrained uses patented technology, co-developed with the US Department of Agriculture, to produce SuperGrain+ flour. Every lb of the product prevents the carbon dioxide equivalent of burning 1 lb of coal and saves more than 300 gallons of water, according to the company.

ReGrained said it is developing additional upcycled ingredients for food manufacturing and foodservice customers, including oats from milk production and pulp from juicing. The company collaborates with partners on product concepting, menu strategy and prototype development at its Upcycled Food Lab.