ERLANGER, KY. — JBT-Avure introduced FlexiBulk, a bulk high-pressure pasteurization (HPP) technology.

The FlexiBulk machine pasteurizes both individually packaged products and bulk products simultaneously. It is capable of filling product in multiple container options, including cans, reusable bags, bottles and cartons, at fill speeds of up to 55 gallons per minute, according to the company.

Unlike traditional HPP machines, which do not allow the bladder to be filled or unfilled while product is being pressurized, filling and unfilling is done outside the HPP press with FlexiBulk, allowing the machine to fill bags, in baskets, while other bags are being pressed and unfilled. Along with improved flexibility, the technology offers capacity and sustainability benefits, said Ryan Pereira, president of JBT-Avure.

“Our increased capacity is due to improved packing density, 90% for liquid bulk fills, resulting in better throughput,” he said. “We are making HPP more sustainable with FlexiBulk’s capacity for multiple eco-friendly container options, such as cans and glass, not normally available to HPP. This reduces plastic waste in the environment, and the HPP reusable bags can be recycled.”