NORWALK, CONN. — Campbell Soup Co. is bringing some heat to its Pepperidge Farm Goldfish crackers brand with the launch of a new jalapeño popper variety. The company said the new flavor delivers “a bold, cheesy taste with a slight kick of heat.”

The jalapeño popper variety is the second variety to be introduced in the past four months that is geared more toward adults. In May, the company debuted Goldfish Frank’s RedHot crackers, featuring the classic hot sauce as well as notes of vinegar for acidity and a blend of aged cayenne peppers.

As part of the launch of Goldfish jalapeño poppers Campbell Soup said it has partnered with JNCO to design limited-edition Goldfish Jalapeño Poppers JNCO Snack Pants. Described by Campbell Soup as “the ultimate 90s snacking pants,” the pants feature the wide-legged style JNCO is known for an include large pockets perfect for a bag of Goldfish jalapeño poppers.