HOUSTON — Riviana Foods Inc., a subsidiary of Madrid-based Ebro Foods, SA, has completed the construction of two new silos at its wild rice facility in Clearbrook, Minn., a move that increases the facility’s storage capacity by more than 50% and eliminates the need for outside storage.

According to Riviana, the expansion gives the company more control over its wild rice storage, drying and production and provides access to an additional 90,000 bus of storage space.

“As the leading wild rice producer, we are excited to increase our capabilities and improve our service to growers in the heart of the largest wild rice growing region,” said Enrique Zaragoza, president and chief executive officer of Riviana. “The expansion also supports our farm-to-fork service for our customers and consumers.”

Riviana Foods is North America’s largest processor, marketer and distributor of branded and private label rice products through such brands as Minute, Mahatma, Success, Carolina, Comet, Adolphus, Blue Ribbon, RiceSelect, Gourmet House and Tilda.  Riviana also processes, markets and distributes fresh pasta through the brand Olivieri.