WESTCHESTER, ILL. — Ingredion, Inc. launched Prista, a line of pulse concentrates and flours.

The new line includes Homecraft Prista P 101 pea flour, Vitessence Prista P 155 pea protein concentrate and Vitessence Prista P 360 fava bean protein concentrate. Manufactured via a proprietary deflavoring process, the ingredients reduce the bitter taste and raw plant flavor associated with conventional dry-milled pulse ingredients, according to the company.

The pulse flours and concentrates allow manufacturers to formulate products where low microbial levels are critical, such as instant beverages and ready-to-eat applications. Due to their improved flavor, the pulses may be used at a higher level for more grams of plant protein in baked foods, snacks, pasta, batters and breading.

Labeled as “pea flour,” “pea protein,” or “fava bean protein,” the ingredients are non-GMO and free from regulated allergens such as gluten and soy. They are sourced in North America and manufactured by Ingredion without using chemicals, additives, or generating wastewater.

“The launch of ultra-performance Prista concentrates and flours is one of the many ways Ingredion is delivering on its strategic investments to accelerate plant-based protein growth,” said Michael Natale, Ingredion’s global growth platform leader, plant-based proteins. “The new pulse proteins are the first of many product introductions coming out of our new Canadian facility in Vanscoy, Sask., demonstrating the capabilities and potential of our unique deflavoring process.” 

Homecraft Prista P 101 pea flour provides 12% protein on a dry basis in addition to fiber and micronutrients. It has a lower overall powdery texture and a higher savory flavor, making it ideal for gluten-free or enriched bakery products and better-for-you snacks.

Vitessence Prista P 155 pea protein concentrate offers 55% protein on a dry basis and may be used in bakery, traditional and alternative dairy and ready-to-mix beverages. With 60% protein on a dry basis and a lower overall bitter taste, Vitessence Prista P 360 fava bean concentrate is best suited for baked foods and beverages as well as traditional and alternative dairy products.