IRVINE, CALIF. – Layn Natural Ingredients Corp. has launched SustaNX, which becomes part of the company’s Plantae Preservation series of polyphenol-rich antioxidant preservation systems for foods, beverages, flavors, fragrances and pet food.

“As consumers and regulatory bodies increasingly reject synthetic preservatives, we have been innovating our portfolio to develop compelling next-generation, clean label, natural, botanical solutions for natural preservation to extend shelf life and reduce food waste across a broad range of food and beverage applications,” said Luca Pennestri, general manager, EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) at Layn Natural Ingredients. “These next-generation preservation formulas contain proven and proprietary standardized extracts, enabling a mild sensory profile and ease in formulation, with no impact on taste or color in the application.”

SustaNX ingredient systems are available in oil-dispersible liquids and water-soluble powders. They have been proven to work in oil, butter, meat, baked foods, seasonings, essential oil and pet food applications. They may be used in place of EDTA and other synthetic antioxidants. The systems combine a chelating agent with a free-radical scavenger, which allows formulators to use less dosage when compared to mixed tocopherols, according to Layn.