BETHLEHEM, PA. — Stuffed Puffs is launching Big Bites, a line of snackable marshmallows. The multi-textured treats are filled and coated.

Cookies ‘n Crème Big Bites are coated and filled with crunchy chocolate crème-filled cookies. Birthday Cake Big Bites have a cake batter-flavored white chocolate filling and are coated with rainbow sprinkles. S’mores Big Bites are filled with milk chocolate and graham cracker and coated with graham cracker.

Each resealable bag contains eight pieces.

“Since we first launched our Classic Milk Chocolate Stuffed Puffs, the most frequent comment I’ve heard from our fans is that they ate the entire bag before ever making it outside to the campfire,” said Michael Tierney, founder and chief executive officer of Stuffed Puffs. “We thought we'd take that ethos and design a product line around it, and Big Bites were born. Big Bites shows our ability to be more than just a marshmallow, and how we will be competitive in the traditional candy/confectionary space with these great new snacking indulgences.”