FREDERICK, SD. – Anthem Oats is introducing three oatmeal varieties in the Midwest and Northeast regions of the United States. The varieties include minute oats, oatmeal cartons and on-the-go cups.

Anthem Oats partnered with JPG Resources, LLC, Battle Creek, Mich., to develop the products.

“In looking to take our farm to the next level, we looked at some of the work the JPG team has done for other brands and knew their expertise could help share our story and oats with other families,” said Taylor Sumption, a partner in the business. “Anthem Oats honors the work my great-great-grandfather started and preserves our family history while opening up opportunities to create new memories for years to come.”

The minute oats are available in a traditional variety. The oatmeal cartons come in maple pecan, peach and cranberry, vanilla chai and pumpkin spice flavors. The on-the-go cups are available in vanilla chai, super fruit, peach and cranberry, and dark chocolate brownie.

The suggested retail prices for the items are $3.79 to $5.69 for the minute oatmeal in 30-oz and 40-oz canisters. The 3.25-oz on-the-go cups retail for $3.19, and the cartons are $4.99 and contain five 2.25-oz packets.