MIAMI — John M. Ferolito, co-founder of AriZona Iced Tea, is partnering with three entrepreneurs to launch Saint James Tea Co., an organic and sustainably-packaged line of ready-to-drink teas.

Mr. Ferolito partnered with beverage industry veteran Roy Warren Jr., fashion designer Jon Buscemi and Brenden Cohen, chief executive officer of Bond Audio & D’Angelico Guitars, to create the brand, which offers a variety of green teas in flavors such as pineapple-mango, passionfruit-peach and blueberry-raspberry. The beverages contain 4 grams of sugar, 4 grams of carbs and 25 calories per serving.

Saint James Tea aims to stand out from the crowd as a “healthy beverage option that boasts minimal environmental impact,” the founders said. It uses Tetra Paks created with low carbon materials and made of 70% paper from responsibly managed forests. The packaging also eliminates exposure to air and light, giving the preservative-free teas a shelf life of up to 24 months.

“I’ve been wanting to get involved in the ready-to-drink beverage space for several years, and with Saint James Tea I’ve finally found the right fit,” Mr. Buscemi said. “From a trend standpoint, what Saint James is doing within the health and wellness space is exploding. It’s the perfect time to introduce an innovative brand like this to the market. As a nation, we love these drinks, but they are always full of sugar. I'm involved because I love the way it tastes without any regrets.”

The teas will be available online and in select retailers beginning in December.