LOS ANGELES — Actress Sarah Hyland is joining functional snack startup Sourse as a co-founder and creative director.

Launched in August 2020, the Los Angeles-based company offers vitamin-infused chocolates. Its Glow Bites feature plant-based collagen alternative for hydrated skin, and its Hype Bites feature vitamin B12 for energy, focus and mood. Two additional products are joining the lineup as part of a complete rebrand that also includes updated packaging.

New Mood Bites feature vitamin D3 and saffron for mood support, and new Beauty Bites feature biotin for stronger hair and nails. The products were formulated to help Sourse reach a wider audience of consumers looking to improve their overall health, wellness and beauty routines, according to the company.

Ms. Hyland first partnered with Sourse in March, offering perspectives from her own experiences and health journey. In her new role, she will lead the company’s creative direction and work with the team on product development.

“When I joined the Sourse team in March, I made it my mission to work to develop life changing products that benefit everyone who tries them,” she said. “I have poured my heart and soul into creating this sweet treat with wellness in mind.”

Sourse originally was founded by Jenne Moore, a former digital marketer for technology and renewable energy companies, and Andrew Remlinger, a former consumer investment banker and adviser to food and beauty brands. Their respective backgrounds gave them insight into the food industry and its connections to the environment, which ultimately inspired them to create their own plant-based functional food brand.

“After years of suffering from vitamin B12 deficiency, I realized the capsules I was taking every day were not actually working,” Ms. Moore said. “I became very interested in food-based supplements that provide better nutrient absorption. Chocolate’s natural properties make it one of the best formats for vitamins because it acts as a prebiotic and catalyst for fat-soluble vitamins like vitamin D.”

The company has raised $1.6 million in pre-seed funding and sold more than 500,000 pouches of its vitamin-infused chocolates since launching last year. The products are available direct-to-consumer through Sourse’s e-commerce platform. The products are available for $34 for a one-month supply. Monthly subscriptions also are available for $29.90.