CHICAGO — SnackFutures, the innovation and venture hub of Mondelez International, Inc., is expanding its CaPao line with the launch of CaPao Quinoa Squares. The product is one of the first on the market to have the Upcycled Food Association’s Upcycled Certified mark on its packaging.

The new snacks combine oats and puffed quinoa with parts of the cacaofruit that traditionally are discarded after cocoa beans are extracted for chocolate production. Flavors include coconut oat, ginger berry and almond orange, and the products have a crispy yet chewy texture, according to the company.

“CaPao’s mission is to upcycle as much cacaofruit as we can, and it’s been really exciting to create new products like Quinoa Squares that use the pulp in different ways to deliver satisfying snacks with unique flavors to consumers while also doing good for the planet, and improving the livelihoods of cacaofruit farmers,” said Shannon Neumann, associate director of SnackFutures innovation. “Being able to communicate the mark on-pack is important to us because it’s an opportunity to continue educating people on what upcycled means, why it matters, and how they can be part of reducing food waste and creating a snacking world that is good for people, kind to the planet and deliciously fun.”

The upcycled certification mark was introduced in April to provide consumers with clear guidance about the presence of upcycled food ingredients in a range of products, including foods and beverages, pet food, dietary supplements and more. CaPao is one of the first brands to receive the certification, meeting the criteria as a product made with ingredients that otherwise would not have been used for human consumption, are sourced and produced using verifiable supply chains and have a positive impact on the planet, according to the company. Its flagship product is CaPao Cacaofruit Bites, which incorporates cacaofruit with additional fruits, nuts and seeds.

“It’s really exciting to be at the forefront of creating mindful snacks that consumers are increasingly looking for,” Ms. Neumann said. “We are fortunate to have partners such as Cabosse Naturals that provide us with the cacaofruit pulp and the Upcycled Food Association that is committed to advancing the mission of consumer-centric solutions to food waste.”