HOLZMINDEN, GERMANY — Symrise Diana Food is participating in a scientific webinar covering the role of gut health for the immune system. Titled “Driving the future of immunity: Is gut health the next solution?”, the webinar is scheduled for Nov. 3 and will be hosted by Vitafoods Insight.

The webinar will explain how consumers are increasingly looking for products that benefit their immune system and gut health. Participants will learn how scientific evidence on polyphenols connects these two seemingly disparate health goals.

Scientific data show the immune system and a healthy microbiota are interconnected, and new scientific evidence proves the importance polyphenols play in optimizing the immune system, according to Symrise Diana Food. The webinar will connect this data with latest consumer trends and purchasing behaviors. Speakers include Teresa Kilgore, head of global health and nutrition marketing at Symrise Diana Food, and Denis Guyonnet, PhD, the scientific and innovation director at Diana Nova.

“The role of gut health for the immune system represents a new and exciting concept,” Ms. Kilgore said. “Those who attend this webinar will walk away with a better understanding of how manufacturers can create innovative products as solutions continue to flood the market that claim to support the immune system.”

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