SAN DIEGO — The Bumble Bee Seafood Co. is offering new premium products under the Bumble Bee Prime line, formerly Prime Fillet. The updated line includes canned tuna and salmon and new on-the-go snack kits.

Bumble Bee Prime canned products include Prime Solid White Albacore in Water, Prime Solid White Albacore in Water (Low Sodium), Prime Solid White Albacore in Olive Oil, Tonno Yellowfin Solid Light Tuna in Olive Oil, and Atlantic Skinless and Boneless Salmon in Water.

Bumble Bee Prime Protein On the Run snack kits combine gourmet marinated tuna with savory artisanal crackers and a caramel treat packaged in a convenient, pop-open box. Varieties include Olive Oil and Zesty Lemon, Olive Oil and Mild Jalapeño and Olive Oil and Black Pepper.

“The Bumble Bee Prime product line is designed to offer a premium experience that is accessible enough for every day,” said Jeanine Lewis, vice president of brand marketing. “Before we began the process of evolving this product line, we started by talking to thousands of consumers to ensure we could meet their changing needs. We’re confident our upgraded Prime line will deliver the flavor, nutrition and variety consumers told us they are looking for.”

The new products are available at grocery retailers nationwide, including Albertsons, Harris Teeter, Publix and Safeway.