LOS ANGELES — Mud\Wtr is building off the success of its flagship coffee alternative with :rest, a new caffeine-free blend.

Featuring rooibos masala chai, turmeric, cinnamon, turkey tail, reishi, passionflower, valerian root, ashwagandha and chamomile, the blend was created to promote relaxation and calmness. It also supports immune and stress support, according to the company.

“We dreamed up :rest as a protest to hustle culture,” said Shane Heath, chief executive officer of Mud\Wtr. “It’s a reminder to treat your evening ritual like an athlete warming up for a game.”

The Los Angeles-based startup launched in 2018 with its flagship coffee alternative. Containing a fraction of the caffeine of a cup of coffee, the product is made with masala chai, cacao and mushrooms. The new :rest blend is available direct-to-consumer through the company’s e-commerce platform for $50 for a 30-serving tin and $100 for a 100-serving bag.