NEW YORK — Starday, a data-driven umbrella company of better-for-you food brands, is launching All Day, a line of seasonings for home cooks.

Featuring clean sourcing and organic, vegan and gluten-free formulas, All Day’s blends were created to add bold and complex flavors to a variety of cuisines, according to the company. The initial lineup includes three blends. Fuego is a tangy-meets-sweet-heat blend for use in meat marinades, barbecue proteins and tacos. Boom is an earthy blend that adds depth to soups, sauces and other cold-weather dishes. Poppin is a bright and herby blend that is ideal for vegetables, salad dressings, dips and more.

The seasonings introduce consumers to ingredients like turmeric, mushroom powder and nutritional yeast in an approachable way, said Lena Kwak, a former culinary strategist and co-founder of Starday. They require little to no prior skill level or knowledge and are a low barrier to entry for cooking at home.

“All Day is for home cooks and adventurous eaters, not fancy chefs or recipe followers,” Ms. Kwak said. “After a year that required the world to cook at home almost exclusively, it's no wonder we're in the mood to spice things up a bit in the kitchen. When it comes to All Day’s ingredients, we like to play with color and flavor in order to get the highest reward for the lowest effort.”

Starday launched in August with its first brand, Gooey Snacks, which offers better-for-you versions of chocolate treats. The first product from Gooey was a chocolate hazelnut spread that is low-sugar, vegan, gluten-free and made without palm oil.

The company analyzes thousands of data points to identify measurable areas of unmet need. It found consumers who cook at home are looking to spice up recipes and create healthy and satisfying meals without sacrificing on convenience.

“The growth of Starday brands relies on a data-driven omnichannel retail strategy,” said Caroline McCarthy, co-founder. “We're excited to launch All Day direct-to-consumers today and look forward to introducing our seasonings to marketplaces and brick and mortar retail in the near future.”

All Day’s initial assortment of seasonings will be sold individually for $6.99 and in three packs for $18. They are available direct to consumer through the brand’s e-commerce platform.