SAN FRANCISCO – Meat alternative company Nowadays announced on Nov. 22 that its plant-based chicken nuggets product is now available nationwide.

The company said it has a proprietary technology made from seven ingredients, including organic yellow peas. 

"Plant-based meat has huge potential to improve human and planetary health," said Max Elder, co-founder and chief executive officer of Nowadays. "Yet, when you look at the ingredients and nutritional profiles for many of these products, similar to their conventional meat counterparts, there’s a lot of room for improvement. At Nowadays, we don’t think food has to damage your body or the planet in order to be delicious. That’s why we’re creating healthier, simple ingredient meat alternatives that don’t compromise on taste or texture."

The nuggets from Nowadays are GMO- and soy-free. It uses no binders, thickeners, or artificial ingredients in the products. The company is offering national free express shipping on its product. 

Mr. Elder and Dominik Grabinski, fellow co-founder, both have previous experience in the food industry. Mr. Elder worked as a plant-based advocate with Nestlé, General Mills and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Nutrition Program. Mr. Grabinski was an agriculture engineer at various ingredient companies, including Cargill and DSM.

Nowadays nuggets will ship a 2-lb box (approximately 50 nuggets) for $29.99 for first-time buyers.