KANSAS CITY – Why did the chicken cross the road? Maybe it was to go to the grocery store and see the latest plant-based chicken innovation on retail shelves and in freezer cases.

It was only natural companies would seek to disrupt the chicken category after creating plant-based burgers and grounds to compete with conventional beef options. During the past year a variety of plant-based chicken applications have been introduced.

What’s clear is there is no standard formulation for plant-based chicken alternatives. Key sources of plant-based protein include pea, soy, chickpea, fava beans and fungi.

Both established companies like the Kellogg Co., Maple Leaf Foods, Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat are vying for market share with startups like Nowadays, Inc., Abbot’s Butcher and CHKN No Chicken in the nascent category. Success will depend on which companies can best mimic the taste and texture of conventional chicken and deliver the products at a price point consumers are comfortable with.

View the slideshow of the latest plant-based chicken alternatives.