BALTIMORE — Fuchs North America is tapping into the flavors of the South with its new Celebrating Soul Kit.

For its latest seasoning collection, the company created an authentic “Southern meal” from the main course to dessert. Inspired by traditional Southern recipes for proteins, side dishes and beverages, the collection includes a Hoppin’ John Seasoning, Pot Likker Seasoning, Chicken Brine and a Sweet Tea Milkshake.  

Featuring savory and spicy notes from ingredients like dried red and green bell pepper, onion, celery, and jalapeño, the Hoppin’ John Seasoning may be combined with rice, black-eyed peas, and water to create a Southern side dish staple. The Pot Likker Seasoning combines bold garlic and hints of onion to emulate Pot Likkor, a dish that traditionally is made from the remaining flavorful liquid after simmering a pot of greens.

The Chicken Brine seasonings puts herbal extracts in the spotlight with its warm spices and herbal notes. It was specifically created for chicken but may be used with a wide variety of proteins, according to the company. Made with a natural tea flavor as well as hints of lemon and monk fruit, the Sweet Tea Milkshake blend combines a creamy milkshake flavor with the classic Southern beverage.

“With travel still being limited during the pandemic, food is a way for consumers to explore new places,” said Shannon Cushen, director of marketing at Fuchs North America. “As a result, interest in regional cuisines and flavors have grown astronomically over the past couple of years. Southern cuisine has emerged as a standout among regional American cuisines. We wanted to bring authentic Southern comfort dishes to life through this innovative seasoning collection.”