KANSAS CITY — Product developers are combining taste profiles to elevate snacks and pantry staples. Several food trend lists highlighted increased interest in products that are sweet and spicy, sweet and salty, or sweet and sour.

A new seasoning from McCormick & Co., Inc. encompasses sweet, salty, bitter, astringent, pungent and sour. The spice blend contains coriander seed, sea salt, cumin, turmeric, ginger and lemon peel, and it may be used in sauces, dressings and marinades.

Red Clay Hot Sauce has unveiled its newest condiment, spicy peach conserve. Developed by co-founder and chef Geoff Rhyne, the product combines peaches and habanero peppers, apple cider vinegar, salt and sugar, and it may be used in both sweet and savory dishes, such as biscuits, waffles, pork chops or stir fries, according to the company. 

“As our favorite ‘swicy’ (or sweet meets spicy) food trend continues to gain more and more fans, our mission at Red Clay remains the same: take classic, Southern flavor profiles and elevate them with Geoff’s chef-driven, spicy edge for everyone’s home kitchen,” said Molly Fienning, co-founder and chief executive officer. “This Spicy Peach Conserve is a strong example of calling on Geoff’s roots to create something innovative and delicious for the pantry.”

A maker of freeze-dried snacks, Crispy Green has debuted Piña Picante, featuring air-dried pineapple and unique seasoning blends. The first offering is chili lime, infused with cayenne peppers, lime and sea salt. A ginger lime flavor is set to debut within the next few months.

“Growing up in southern China, I was taught to dip pineapple in salt water before eating it, which would help to reduce the stinging sensation it has on the tongue, also makes the pineapple feel sweeter,” said Angela Liu, founder and chief executive officer. “The sweet and sour taste of pineapple blends very well with savory flavors.”

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