BERKELEY, CALIF. — Puratos USA and ReGrained have teamed up to provide upcycled grain solutions to customers through an exclusive collaboration and supply agreement.

Puratos said it has seen a shift in consumer demand for healthier and more sustainable baked foods.

“In response to this shift, Puratos began searching for partners to help develop breads to meet those consumer needs,” said Michael Gleason, product manager of bakery for Puratos. “ReGrained proved to be a perfect fit as their products not only deliver on health through high protein and high fiber content but also on sustainability by upcycling spent brewing grains, which are often written off as waste.”

Both companies said they are dedicated to innovative solutions for customers.

“This partnership offers powerful tools for the commercial baking industry to unlock the upcycled food opportunity at scale,” said Dan Kurzrock, founder and chief executive officer of ReGrained. “Together we can bring clean, elevated nutrition, superb flavor and real sustainability to some of human civilization’s most time-honored food traditions.”

ReGrained has developed a patented technology to repurpose spent grains produced by beer brewers and process them in a way that makes them stable, Mr. Gleason said.

“The big challenge is spoilage going from the brewer to processing because the shelf life on the actual spent grains is pretty short,” he explained.

ReGrained’s first certified upcycled ingredient derived from brewer’s spent grain — ReGrained SuperGrain — provides a minimum of 3.5 times the dietary fiber and 2 times the plant protein of whole grain flours, according to the company.

Both companies are working with retailers and bakeries to develop bread using upcycled grains.

“We’re hopeful that our collaboration will result in upcycled breads hitting the market as soon as this year,” Mr. Gleason said.