BROOKLYN, NY. — A Brooklyn-based startup is reimagining extra-virgin olive oil.

Graza has debuted single-origin oils packaged in squeeze bottles. The oil is extracted from Picual olives harvested in Jaen, Spain. The varietal is superior to others, with a higher smoke point, longer shelf life and more stability while cooking, according to the company.

Drizzle is a finishing oil processed from olives that are picked early and has a bold flavor. Sizzle is a cooking oil made from mature, mid-season olives and has a more mellow flavor, according to the company.

“We harvest Drizzle super early (first week of October),” said Andrew Benin, co-founder and chief executive officer. “When you harvest early, you get an extremely low yield of oil from the olives that have yet to mature. This produces a super flavorful, green, punchy olive oil jam-packed with polyphenols and antioxidants. Definitely best consumed raw, a la drizzled over anything. You need over double the olives to produce the same amount of mid-harvest (Sizzle) olive oil.

“We harvest Sizzle at peak season (December) when the olives have begun their shift from green to a beautiful purple-green color. These guys yield a greater amount of oil, thus with the same amount of labor, you get more oil. Still extremely flavorful, but perfect for cooking with heat. This is a true workhorse.”

Set to join the lineup later is Frizzle, made with mature olives. Drizzle and Sizzle are available online at for $20 and $15, respectively.