PARMA, ITALY — Barilla Group is marking its 145th anniversary with the debut of a new visual identity, including a new logo and sustainable packaging, as well as a new product launch. The new logo features a deeper red tone and includes the year of the company’s founding, 1877. Meanwhile, the company is rolling out Al Bronzo, a new range of pasta that Barilla says draws from the tradition of the bronze die method, “for an even more intense roughness and taste.” The new pasta will be packaged in bright red boxes, which will distinguish the brand from Barilla’s traditional pasta in dark blue boxes. Barilla also said it is eliminating the plastic window on its pasta products.

“This new visual identity and sustainable commitment brings the Barilla brand one step closer to the vision we have for the future: pasta as a sign of love not only for the people but also for the planet that can be achieved through small everyday changes,” said Gianluca Di Tondo, global chief marketing officer at Barilla. “Today we celebrate our 145 years heritage, while adapting to the challenges of our time and evolving with people.”