AHRENSBURG, GERMANY — Flour treatment specialist Muhlenchemie is taking customer support in a new direction with MC Connect Glasses, a digital service enabled by wearable video glasses.

MC Connect Glasses have a forward-facing camera and a small screen in front of the user’s eye. They may be used like a tablet or smartphone for video calls, with all participants seeing the same thing. The user’s hands are free to do baking trials or operate devices during a session.

Muhlenchemie supplies more than 2,000 mills in 130 countries with custom enzyme solutions. Its application specialists analyze wheat flour samples at the Stern-Technology Center in Ahrensburg, where they simulate processes in baking, pasta and wafer labs, and test the effects of enzymes and other substances on different types of grain and flour. The company will use the smart glasses for real-time discussion, analyses and lab support. Customers do not need their own smart glasses to use the service or participate in online offerings.

The company plans to make the glasses available to customers this year. When technical issues arise, customers will be able to contact a Muhlenchemie specialist using the technology, taking the device into the mill with the same field of view.