LOS ANGELES — Kombucha brand Better Booch has raised $2.5 million in a series seed round to support continued growth. The company also has tapped two sales leaders to join the team.

Founded in 2012, Better Booch offers a range of canned fermented tea formulated with adaptogens, organic herbs and botanicals and produced in small batches. The products are low in sugar, raw, unpasteurized and non-alcoholic. Flavors include golden pear, ginger, hibiscus, citrus, cherry, apple and more. Better Booch is sold online and in more than 3,000 retail locations, including Whole Foods Market, Erewhon and other specialty grocers.

Married musicians Trey and Ashleigh Lockerbie began brewing the beverage more for a family member undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Over the past three years, Better Booch has doubled its sales year over year, despite headwinds related to the pandemic, said Mr. Lockerbie, chief executive officer.

“We could not be more excited about the team we’re building, the product we’ve brought to market, and the customer adoption we are witnessing,” Mr. Lockerbie said. “We continue to focus on making the best tasting, most functional products on the market that are truly raw and authentic.”

Joining the team are Scott Presnall, formerly executive vice president of sales at GT’s Kombucha, and John Weaver, whose track record in the beverage industry include stints at Pressed Juicery, Lemon Perfect and GT’s Kombucha.

“Beyond being a fan of Trey and Ashleigh’s journey as entrepreneurs, I believe in what they have created with Better Booch,” Mr. Weaver said. “We are well positioned to disrupt the kombucha category moving forward by bringing a unique offering and format to the customer while continuing to promote a healthy and delicious beverage options for consumers.”

Michael J. Silverstein, an early-stage venture investor, has joined the board of Better Booch. He previously led the consumer practice arm of the Boston Consulting Group.

“Better Booch will grow by delivering repeat purchases,” Mr. Silverstein said. “Our consumers tell us we are preferred 92 to 8. The Better Booch Challenge Taste Test now has over 60,000 trials. Our brand is simply delicious. I invested in Better Booch and am committed to helping the company grow distribution, visibility and velocity.”