BOSTON — MingsBings is launching its newest product Dippers, a line of vegan and dairy-free dipping sauces.  

The company was created in 2021 by James Beard Award-winner Chef Ming Tsai and specializes in making ready-to-eat plant-based bings, which are a traditional Chinese stuffed flatbread. 

“Our customers were already dipping, drizzling, and spreading sauces on bings, and we had a high demand to create dipping sauces to pair not only with bings but with everyday eats,” said Chef Ming Tsai, founder, president and chairman. “We are thrilled to introduce four versatile and chef-created ‘dippers’ to households across the county.”

The lineup of Dippers includes four flavors: dim sum, sweet chili, turmeric mustard and 8,000 island.  

Both the dim sum and sweet chili Dipper flavors are available individually in the United States for $9.99 or in bundles with MingsBings through the company’s website, and the turmeric mustard and 8,000 island dippers will be available soon.