HOFFMAN ESTATES, ILL. — Sensient Flavors & Extracts introduced Boundless, a line of chili-based extracts.

Covering a range of chili profiles, from the typical pepper taste and aroma to more subtle smoky, salty and sweet notes, Boundless chili extracts offer extended shelf life with consistent heat, color and taste, according to the company.

Varieties include ancho chile, featuring hints of coffee, anise, dried plum and raisin with an undertone of wood, and chipotle chile, featuring dried red jalapeños with tobacco and chocolate undertones. A habanero chili variety offers a sweet and floral flavor with hints of apricot, pear and apple. A red jalapeño variety features sweet and warm flavor notes, while a green jalapeño variety couples a crisp vegetable flavor with typical jalapeño heat.

The chili extracts may be used in a range of applications, including baked foods, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, dairy products and more, according to the company.

“Consumers overwhelmingly prefer a medium pepper experience, and these extracts are designed to bring just enough heat to make their presence known without overwhelming other flavors,” said Kevin Barasa, extracts global product manager at Sensient.