AMERSFOORT, THE NETHERLANDS — FrieslandCampina Ingredients published a report focused on five trends set to drive the food, beverage and supplement industries in 2022. Titled “Shaping the future of nutrition,” the report offers insights into consumer research to help brands identify areas for innovation and new product development.

Planet-forward nutrition is a key trend, with 65% of consumers believing food and nutrition brands should do more to protect the planet, according to the report. The company stressed that building trust through transparency will be critical for brands as consumers become increasingly ethically and environmentally conscious.

Resilience is another trend, stemming from the stress created by the pandemic. FrieslandCampina predicted consumers in 2022 will seek to recover and protect their futures by building more resilience in both body and mind. Sixty percent of consumers said improving their general wellness is a main priority, with sleep, mood and physical fitness at the top of the agenda, according to the report. A related trend is gut health, with two in three consumers recognizing gut health as a key part of achieving overall well-being.

Other trends identified in the report include flexitarian lifestyles, driven by more consumers incorporating plant-based ingredients into their diet alongside traditional protein sources, and healthy aging, driven by a global population that is getting older.

“COVID-19 has put health and wellness concerns front of mind, both for the individual and for the collective global population,” said Vicky Davies, global marketing director for performance, active and medical nutrition at FrieslandCampina. “At the same time, the pandemic has sharpened focus on sustainability and how environmental health influences our current and future well-being. It is crucial for brands to embrace and steer these trends.”