ATCHISON, KAN. — MGP Ingredients, Inc. has announced plans to build a $16.7 million extrusion plant to produce its ProTerra line of texturized proteins. By moving production in-house MGPI will gain more control over the manufacturing process of ProTerra, which is currently produced by co-packers.

The new plant will be located adjacent to the company’s existing plant in Atchison. Construction on the new facility will begin this summer and is expected to be completed by the end of 2023. Once online, MGPI said it expects the plant to produce up to 10 million lbs of ProTerra per year.

“Achieving in-house production of our ProTerra line of products is a meaningful investment amid growing demand and increasing outsourcing costs,” said Dave Colo, chief executive officer of MGPI.

Michael Buttshaw, vice president of ingredient solutions sales and R&D at MGPI, added, “Building this new extrusion plant gives MGP the capacity and flexibility required to continue to meet the growing demand for our ProTerra line of texturized proteins. By transitioning the manufacturing process in-house, we reduce lead times related to co-packer scheduling issues, increase flexibility related to R&D projects and enhance our ability to effectively commercialize new products.”

MGPI launched the ProTerra line of texturized proteins in 2020. The line includes a texturized pea protein and textured wheat series that formerly was known as Tru Tex.

ProTerra products are suited for use in vegetarian and vegan applications, as well as in blended products as an extension or partial substitute for meats, MGPI said. The non-GMO protein line includes a gluten-free option and is available in multiple sizes and shapes.