KANSAS CITY — Sometimes overlooked and added as an afterthought, sauces and condiments have the power to impact a meal in more ways than one.

“Condiments are a great gateway to experiment with familiar and unexpected flavors,” said Stephanie Neu, R&D manager at PS Seasoning.  “Hot honey and alcohol are both top flavor profiles for 2021, and we’re seeing a major rise in the use of lavender and dill flavors in unexpected ways.”

PS Seasoning released a line of four gourmet mustards featuring beer flavors this past October.

Also taking inspiration from their favorite beers, product developers at Alchemy Peppers have introduced Hopp Sauces, which feature real hops in three flavors of hot sauces.

On a sweeter note, companies like Sunday Night Foods aim to make gourmet baking accessible with the introduction of Sunday Night Premium Dessert Sauce, a shelf-stable chocolate ganache in a jar.

“We crafted our sauces so people never have to compromise on taste and quality, even when they don’t have time,” said Eileen Gannon, founder and chief executive officer of Sunday Night Foods. “In fact, many people tell us that they eat Sunday Night sauce with a spoon straight out of the jar.”

Sauce innovators have formulated  their products with subtle hints to elevate any dish. From beer-inspired sauces to gourmet chocolate ganache to seaweed-based seasoning blends, companies are forging ahead with new innovations in the sauces and condiments category.

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