PRINSBURG, MINN. — Harvest Granola L.L.C., a subsidiary of Indian Harvest Specialtifoods, has purchased Olympia Granola, a maker of granola bars based in North Branch, Minn.

Indian Harvest, which supplies niche grains, beans and legumes to food processing and food service customers, called the acquisition a “natural progression” for its business. Indian Harvest’s products include multi-grain blends; a wide range of individual grains, ranging from amaranth to red quinoa; specialty and wild rice; beans; and super specialty niche products such as charcoal wheat, greenwheat freekeh and Italian black rice.

More recently, Indian Harvest, which is based in Bemidji in northern Minnesota, has been marketing a line of specialty rices and whole grains to include puffed products. Puffed rice and grains are primary ingredients in snack and trail bars of the type manufactured and sold by Olympia Granola. William Forsman, the founder of Olympia, said the business combination will enhance customer confidence in Olympia’s bars.

“This acquisition can give our customers complete consumer confidence that they will be eating bars made from the finest ingredients available,” said William Forsman, founder of Olympia.

Established in 2003, Olympia Granola began its existence in the Olympic Mountain area of Washington, marketing bars sold at farmer’s markets and local cooperatives. Currently, the company makes eight gourmet granola bar varieties.

For now, Olympia Granola will continue manufacturing from its North Branch location north of Minneapolis with no interruption in services or change in staff, according to Indian Harvest Specialtifoods.

Indian Harvest Specialtifoods is owned by Duininck Companies, L.L.C. a diversified, family-owned business based in Prinsburg, west of Minneapolis.