BETHESDA, MD. — Snack company Eat the Change debuted Cosmic Carrot Chews, its first-to-market children’s vegetable snack.

The vegetable-based snack will be available in three varieties: sour cherry berry, orange mango and apple cinnamon. Made with four ingredients, the product will mainly feature carrots and fruit juice. Each pouch will contain 60 calories and one serving of carrots and have been dehydrated to create a chewy texture.

The carrot chews are a result of being creative in the kitchen with innovation to avoid waste,” said Chef Spike Mendelsohn, co-founder of Eat the Change. “I was doing R&D for a carrot chip product and was sent the wrong type of carrots. Instead of letting the food go to waste, I marinated and dehydrated them anyway, which yielded a chewy texture versus a chip. When I brought the carrot chews home for my son to taste, he loved them. That’s when I knew we were onto something great.”

The Cosmic Carrot Chews are available nationwide through stores including Whole Foods Market Mid-Atlantic, MOM’s Organic Market, Erewhon and Hy-Vee. They are also available direct-to-consumer through and carry a suggested retail price of $4.49 for one package.

“Our new Cosmic Carrot Chews are a tasty snack that’s both planet-friendly and a healthier alternative to the ‘fruit snack’ category,” said Seth Goldman, co-founder of the company. “They will be a lunchbox treat that parents will choose for their nutritional profile and kids will embrace because they are fun and delicious.”