ANAHEIM, CALIF. — Manufacturers didn’t pull punches when it came to debuting new products at the Natural Products Expo West show held March 8-12. New product applications exhibited at the show ranged from non-alcoholic mixers to health applications focused on energy, health and stress relief.

“Our new can design is a true representation of what Marquis is all about – an innovative, fun, yet sophisticated brand that prioritizes health, function, and taste,” said Danny Huang, president and co-founder of Marquis. “With this, our unique packaging now educates consumers on all of the benefits Marquis has to offer and communicates it in a clear and concise way.”

The 2022 Natural Products Expo West show was the first time it’s been held in person in over two years.

“We are so excited to be headed back to Natural Products Expo West after a two-year hiatus," said Julie Smolyanksy, chief executive officer of Lifeway Foods. "This show gives us the opportunity to reconnect with our partners and share some of the amazing products we've developed over the past year. Natural Products Expo West is always one of our highlight events, but I know this year's Expo will be especially meaningful to attendees on both a professional and personal level. It's a special honor for us to be present to provide microbiome-supporting probiotic products to help nourish our community when mental health and immunity are top-of-mind."

From non-alcoholic mixers to nutritious powders to mix on your own, to prebiotic beverages for children, the beverage category was flooded with all kinds of innovative products.

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