BURLINGTON, VT. – Ben & Jerry's announced on St. Patrick’s Day the return of a long defunct flavor, Dublin Mudslide.

Not available since 2007, the returning old favorite is comprised of Irish cream ice cream, chocolate-chocolate chip cookies and coffee fudge swirls. And for its revival, Ben & Jerry’s added a hint of a specialty spirit, courtesy of Wheyward Spirit, which makes its drinks by upcycling whey, the nutrient-rich, liquid co-product of cheese.

"Aside from being uniquely delicious, using excess whey as the base for our spirit helps us prevent food waste and creates a more sustainable model of spirit production," said Emily Darchuk, founder and chief executive officer of Wheyward Spirit. "I am thrilled to partner with Ben & Jerry's to bring back a fan favorite with the same taste and less waste, using our signature spirit"

Back in 2004, Ben & Jerry’s originally introduced the flavor in a limited batch but turned it into a full-time product due to its popularity. But the run ended in 2007. The company sent Dublin Mudslide to its “Flavor Graveyard,” reserved for ice creams that failed to attract a large following. However, the company said, through the years thousands of fans petitioned it to bring back the flavor.

The relaunched version’s packaging includes both the iconic Ben & Jerry’s cow and a Scottish Highland, a nod to Wheyward Spirit’s mascot.

Wheyward Spirit’s 80 proof specialty spirit is naturally created during the fermentation and distillation process, resulting in hints of vanilla cream and warm spice. It can be consumed as a base for cocktails or sipped straight. It is made without grain, gluten and lactose, and won both a Double Gold at the New York World Wine & Spirits Competition and a 2021 Good Food Award.

Dublin Mudslide is returning to grocery store freezers at a suggested retail price of $5.19-5.99.