PARSIAPPANY, NJ. — Beneo invested $8.5 million to quadruple storage capacity at its Offstein facility in Germany, which will increase storage space for the company’s crystalline functional carbohydrates isomalt, Palatinose and galenQ.

The warehouse, at 84-feet high, has a storage capacity of more than 8,500 Euro pallets. It is next to the packaging and shipment operations at the production site in Offstein. A fully automated high-bay facility allows for a higher proportion of direct loading.

“The new warehouse gives much more storage potential for our functional carbohydrates,” said Ralph Cartarius, operations managing director at the Offstein facility. “It also helps us to gain cost, time, and logistics efficiencies, as well as bolstering our business contingency strategy still further. Previously, the majority of our crystalline Palatinose, isomalt, and galenIQ were stored externally, as the onsite facilities were limited. This expansion increases our supply security and reduces transport, but it also saves valuable time and energy for us to redirect into other operations.”