CHICAGO – ADM has introduced PearlEdge proprietary white color systems derived from natural sources, including native corn starch, for brilliant, stable and uniform white coloring in a variety of food and beverage applications, according to the company.

“Our team has been diligently working to perfect our new line of white color solutions, assuring its groundbreaking quality and performance,” said Hélène Moeller, vice president of global product marketing for Chicago-based ADM. “This rollout meets the evolving needs of customers and consumer, as brands look for titanium dioxide (TiO2) replacements that not only provide a bright white shade, but also meet clean label targets.”

Potential applications include bakery icings and fillings, confectionery items, powdered drink mixes and beverages, soups, sauces, dressings, dairy items, dairy alternatives, meat alternatives, and pet food.