KANSAS CITY — Fruit flavors are front and center in new food and beverage offerings, signaling the spring and summer seasons.

Ready-to-eat oats brand Mush is introducing a pair of limited-edition products, carrot cake and peaches and cream. The single-serve cups are dairy-free with no added sugar and contain eight or fewer ingredients. 

General Mills’ Oui by Yoplait yogurt brand is introducing flavors inspired by fruit and wine varietals: strawberry rosé, mango champagne and dairy-free mango champagne, which is made with a coconut dairy alternative and fruit.

Red Bull Summer Edition Strawberry Apricot energy drink includes “strawberry, apricot and a touch of peach,” according to the company.

Waterloo Sparkling Water has unveiled two new flavors. The cherry limeade sparkling water has a blend of lime citrus and red cherries with notes of grenadine, pomegranate and orange citrus, and blackberry lemonade sparkling water layers blackberry notes in classic country lemonade, according to the company.

“Our flavor authenticity is what drives people to drink Waterloo,” said Adam Price, senior vice president of operations and flavor development lead at Waterloo. “We know that flavor goes beyond just taste. When developing new offerings, we’re also perfecting the aroma, mouthfeel, carbonation and more, to ensure our consumers get the full experience they expect from us. When creating our cherry limeade and blackberry lemonade innovations, we tinkered with the flavors for over 10 months to craft authentic flavors that transport you back to the carefree days of summer.”

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