MINNEAPOLIS — Cargill is sweetening its stevia products with the commercial availability of its EverSweet + ClearFlo technology. Combining Cargill’s stevia sweetener with a natural flavor, the new sweetener system provides multiple benefits, including flavor modification, faster dissolution and improved solubility and stability in formulations, according to the company.

Using EverSweet’s quick sweetness onset and potency as a foundation, EverSweet + ClearFlo creates a more sugar-like experience, especially at higher concentrations. It also helps manage off flavors from other ingredients used in formulation, such as earthy notes from proteins, bitterness from caffeine or metallic tastes from potassium chloride.

EverSweet + ClearFlo improves solubility, enabling more concentrated solutions than Reb M alone, according to Cargill. Unlike standalone Reb M sweeteners, the new solution dissolves in water at ambient temperature.

Cargill first debuted the technology in 2019 and spent the past three years refining the offering, readying it for use in reduced-sugar applications that require higher concentrations of stevia, including soft drinks, energy drinks, alcoholic beverages, fruit concentrates and dairy, coffee and beverage syrups. EverSweet may appear in ingredient statements in the United States as stevia sweetener, while ClearFlo may be labeled as a natural flavor.