KANSAS CITY — As consumers look for products prioritizing health and wellness, an increasing number are reaching for non-alcoholic alternatives.

Whole Foods Market identified buzz-less spirits as a top ten food trend for 2022, stating that “with millennials and Gen Z-ers dabbling in ‘drysolation’ during the pandemic, we won’t see the sober-curious mindset going away anytime soon,” according to the company. In fact, nearly one-in-five adults participated in Dry January in 2022, which was up from the 13% who said they would participate in 2021, according to a survey from Morning Consult.

Innovations in the non-alcoholic alternative category have been taking place for years.

One such company is HOP WTR, which specializes in non-alcoholic sparkling hop water. The Los Angeles-based company has found its corner of the market in offering consumers a zero-calorie beer-like alternative. Recently, HOP WTR has expanded its range of flavored waters to include lime.

“Consumers will get that same satisfaction cracking into a can of HOP WTR Lime as dunking a wedge into their favorite Mexican lager,” said Jordan Bass, co-founder of HOP WTR.

Maker of zero-proof alternatives DRY Soda Co. released a non-alcoholic champagne-like beverage in November. The company turned toward highlighting the botanical notes in its bubbly.

“I built DRY on the foundation of inclusion, with a mission of changing the way people think about drinking and socializing,” said Sharelle Klaus, founder and chief executive officer of DRY. “From the beginning, I wanted anyone and everyone to feel included in life’s celebrations whether they chose to drink alcohol or not.”

Whether consumers are looking to try a zero-proof alternative for the night or are staying away from alcohol entirely, new products in the non-alcoholic category continue to debut as innovators craft their buzz-less beverages.

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