TOKYO — Ajinomoto Co., Inc. is entering a strategic partnership with Tel Aviv, Israel-based cultivated meat producer SuperMeat, marking the ingredient developer’s first foray into cellular agriculture. As part of the partnership, Ajinomoto will invest in SuperMeat as one of its corporate venture capital projects.

The companies will seek to establish an open platform for the commercialization of cultivated meat, combining SuperMeat’s technology with Ajinomoto’s R&D capabilities. One area of focus is the development of cell growth medium and its ingredients. Cell media, which contains the nutrients needed for animal cell growth, accounts for the majority of cultivated meat production costs.

“We look forward to partnering with SuperMeat, whose mission and values align closely with our own, to bring the world more viable sustainable options as alternative protein,” said Hiroshi Shiragami, senior vice president and chief innovation officer at Ajinomoto Co. “SuperMeat has an impressive track record of producing high-quality cultivated poultry products that have the potential to impact the global meat supply chain and meet consumer demand.”

The partnership is part of Ajinomoto Co.’s 2020–25 medium-term management plan to become a solution-provider in food and health issues. The plan identifies cultivated meat as a viable solution to protein supply issues and aims to contribute to the creation of a sustainable value chain that stretches from producers to consumers.