STONEY CREEK, ONT. – Bartek Ingredients Inc. will invest $160 million to construct a vertically integrated facility that will become the world’s largest malic and food-grade fumaric acid and production plant, the Stoney Creek-based company announced April 4. Bartek expects construction will be completed in the fourth quarter of 2023.

The project will double Bartek’s capacity. The new facility will be expandable to produce new products like buffer and fortification salts.

Malic acid enhances fruit flavors and masks off-notes in beverages, enhances natural fruit flavors and stabilizes pH in fruit preparations and preserves, and boosts natural flavor and a smooth, controlled gel in frozen desserts and baked food desserts. Fumaric acid prevents caking and dry in dry mixes for chocolate cakes, brownies and pancakes; extends shelf life, improves dough machineability and acts as a flavoring agent for savory baked foods; controls pH to keep fruit juice flavorful and colorful; extends shelf life of confectionery items; and provides texture and gelling properties in jellies, jams and desserts while increasing flavor stability.