LAS VEGAS — Velocity Snack Brands is giving its Popchips brand a packaging makeover while also expanding the portfolio with two new flavors.

As part of the packaging makeover, Velocity said it turned to Popchips’ mission “to spark joy.” New bags feature chips against a black backdrop and rich colors with a tagline “Never fried. Always real.”

Meanwhile, two new flavors — Fully Loaded and Fiery Buffalo — join a lineup that already includes sea salt, barbecue and aged white cheddar. Fiery Buffalo features cayenne pepper complemented with garlic and buttermilk. Fully Loaded includes the flavor of sour cream, cheddar, chives and bacon.

“We started with exploring what matters most to the consumer and worked backwards to strengthen our brand strategy,” said Michael Campi, vice president of marketing for Velocity Snack Brands, the parent company of Popchips. “We know Popchips buyers have a loud and proud love for snacking and won’t sacrifice on flavor, so we made that energy a common thread throughout the visual identity.”