DUBLIN, CALIF. – Challenge Butter recently expanded its reach by introducing a new line of flavored spreads.

Made with real butter, Challenge Snack Spreads come in both sweet and seasoned varieties.

The company’s new dessert snack spread flavors are chocolate, vanilla fudge and salted caramel.

For the savory tastebuds, Challenge Butter also launched Buffalo, everything and garlic parmesan with herbs flavors.

The chocolate spread is made with cocoa, butter and vanilla. Challenge recommends using it on strawberries, crepes and popcorn.

The company suggests the vanilla fudge flavor can be added to crackers, pretzels, pancakes and waffles.

Not just for spreading, but also for dipping and dunking, the salted caramel flavor pairs well with apples or sauteed bananas, among other options.

On the other end of the flavor spectrum, Challenge’s Buffalo spread can be incorporated into a variety of cooked items and meals, such as burgers, chicken wings, nacho cheese dips and quesadillas.

Harnessing the taste of the everything bagel, the everything spread can go on sandwiches, chicken and steak, or in vegetable marinades.

The garlic parmesan with herbs spread also can be utilized for dipping or cooking. The company suggests using it to top a steak or mixed in with pasta, for example.

Established in 1911 and based in Dublin, Calif., Challenge Dairy Products, Inc., is a wholly owned subsidiary with California Dairies, Inc., and represents more than 600 dairy farm families.

Challenge Butter, made with real cream, also sells salted and unsalted butter, European style butters, spreadable butters and cream cheese.