KANSAS CITY — The frozen food aisle is rapidly expanding as companies debut better-for-you desserts and snacks.

As consumers are looking for low-calorie options, makers have pivoted to make Greek yogurt the star of their desserts.

Dessert brand Enlightened expanded its mini cheesecake line that first made its debut in 2020.

“We’re so excited to build upon our existing cheesecake line with the addition of Greek yogurt, a key ingredient also included in two of our new Sundae Cone flavors,” said Michael Shoretz, chief executive officer and founder of Enlightened. “Consumers love Greek yogurt for its protein and probiotics. We found that incorporating Greek yogurt adds richness and creaminess to our cheesecakes, and we think it’ll delight our fans.”

Also expanding its line of Greek yogurt products is Clio Snacks. The company also announced it would be expanding its line of Greek yogurt bars with three new flavors.

“The snacking trend has emerged as an incremental and dynamic force within refrigerated CPG, and our goal is to provide delicious solutions that deliver on the promise of guiltless indulgence,” said John McGuckin, chief executive officer of Clio Snacks.

On the other side of the frozen aisle, companies are partnering with one another to bring a host of branded products to consumers.

Klondike expanded its line of cones with Reese’s peanut butter and Reese’s chocolate cones, as well as Wells Enterprises, Inc. and Ferrara Candy Co. teaming up to launch Bomb Pop Nerds. The new Bomb Pops contain the flavors of strawberry, watermelon and grape Nerds.

“We are thrilled for fans of both Nerds and Bomb Pop to get their hands on this mind-blowing new frozen treat,” said Sara Lieberman, senior associate brand manager for Nerds at Ferrara Candy Co. “The unmistakable Nerds flavor is so accurately brought to the Bomb Pop experience that it's truly something people have to taste to believe.”

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