BATTLE CREEK, MICH. — New recycle-ready packaging, 100% renewable electricity and a new plant-based soy ingredient will be utilized by Kellogg Co. to further sustainability efforts within its MorningStar Farms brand in 2022, the Battle Creek-based company said on April 4.

Kellogg said MorningStar Farms’ new recycle-ready packaging for foods in flexible plastic bags will allow consumers to recycle clean and dry bags at retailers that participate in a store drop-off collection. MorningStar Farms currently offers Incogmeato rigid plastic trays and MorningStar Farms foods in paperboard boxes that are recycle-ready.

Also this year, Kellogg said MorningStar Farms will begin sourcing 100% renewable electricity through a virtual power purchase agreement. The brand also will invest in renewable energy credits, Kellogg said.

“Our dedication and willingness to push boundaries on the sustainability front is something we take pride in,” said Sara Young, general manager of plant-based proteins at Kellogg. “We’ve made it our mission to make plant-based foods that are both good for consumers and the planet. It’s become a core principle of our brand, and having that as a driver we think truly distinguishes us from other players in the space.”

Partnerships also will play a role in MorningStar Farms’ sustainability commitment. Through a partnership with Benson Hill, MorningStar Farms will incorporate Benson Hill soy ingredients that require as much as 70% less water and 50% less CO2e through the elimination of a traditional soy processing step.

“Our products are unique in that they deliver sustainability benefits from farm to ingredient,” said Bruce Bennett, president of Benson Hill’s ingredient business. “We’re about providing all parties with the tools and resources they need to unlock the potential for holistically better food. Knowing MorningStar Farms is a key player in the plant-based food industry, we’re looking forward to working together to make a significant impact.”