KANSAS CITY — Organic ingredients are cropping up in recently launched food and beverage products.

Siete Family Foods, a maker of Mexican-American snacks and pantry staples, has added canned refried beans. The products are vegan and include organic pinto or black beans, avocado oil, sea salt, organic paprika and organic onion powder. 

 “As a better-for-you Mexican-American food brand, we strive to bring delicious heritage-inspired products to the grocery shelves,” said Miguel Garza, co-founder and chief executive officer. “We are excited to introduce a staple product such as beans with better ingredients and amazing flavor. Mexican-American food staples will continue to be an area of focus for the business as we look to bring simple, real, and better-for-you food ingredients to products and categories where we feel we have an opportunity to serve our customers.”

Snow Days, the brand of grain-free pizza bites, is launching limited-edition taco pizza bites, inspired by Taco Bell’s cult-favorite Mexican pizza offering. The frozen appetizer features cheese, sausage, beans and taco sauce. The brand’s crust is formulated with organic cassava flour. All Snow Days products incorporate organic vegetables, meats, olive oil, dairy and eggs.

Beverage brand Ruby is launching a collection of canned sparkling waters formulated with organic hibiscus and organic fruit juices. The drinks contain no artificial additives or sweeteners. Flavors include hibiscus unsweetened, hibiscus blood orange and hibiscus concord grape. 

“Sparkling Ruby has one of the cleanest labels in the soda and sparkling industry, using only organic hibiscus and organic fruit juices,” said Noah Wunsch, founder of Ruby. “No artificial additives, acidifiers or sweeteners. It’s a thirst-quenching bubbly beverage that counteracts tart with effervescence to create delightful flavor.”

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